A lagos Christmas

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A typical Christmas in Lagos from my own point of view

It's truly beginning to look a lot like Christmas every where I go as Michael Buble implied. With the beautiful decorations, Carol services #peoplegettingmorecreativein2023, I mean I've seen different concepts that have blown my mind this year. The joyous vibe that comes with the season. The long queues at the gas stations and Malls, let's not forget the dreadful traffic. But all this is not going to stop us from having the best time this holiday.

Christmas to me is a time to chill out with family and friends that I've probably been promising to see or hangout with all through the year. It's low-key a time for me to binge watch all my favorite shows and just be lazy as I look back at all my achievements this year and planning how I would like the new year to unfold.

I hope this Christmas brings joy and gladness to everyone and even if it's only for a minute, help us forget the havoc this Agbado economy is wrecking.

In the meantime I want gist! How's your Christmas going to be? I want The Good The Better The Best Detail.

My heart also goes out to those who for one reason or the other Christmas is going to be bleak and I urge everyone who Plans to have a blast to try to make Christmas better for someone else..

Let the gist begin!!!

Nneka Njoku Marvis-Clara 16 w

To survive NYSC is not easy oh