DJ Cuppy Reveals What She Brings to a Relationship: The Holy Bible

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Nigerian disc jockey and billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy, has shared what she offers in a relationship, and it's not material possessions. Joining the viral "What do you bring to the table" challenge, Cuppy revealed that her answer is the Holy Bible.

The music star, who recently got baptized in a UK church, has been open about her spiritual growth and journey. She believes that true beauty comes from within, encompassing inner peace, purpose, and self-worth, rather than just physical appearance.

Currently single after her engagement to British boxer Ryan Taylor ended in July 2023, Cuppy has expressed her desire to find true love. She has spoken about the challenges of being single and childless in her 30s, describing it as "lonely and boring."

With her focus on her faith and personal growth, DJ Cuppy is likely seeking a partner who shares her values and priorities. Her answer to the challenge reflects her commitment to her beliefs and her desire for a meaningful connection with someone special.