Seun Kuti Alleges MKO Abiola and Wife Framed Fela Kuti for Armed Robbery

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Seun Kuti, son of Afro-beats legend Fela Kuti, has made a shocking revelation that MKO Abiola and his wife, Simbiat, falsely accused his father of armed robbery during the military regime of Muhammadu Buhari. According to Seun, the Abiolas lied that Fela stole Simbiat's Ferrari at gunpoint, a crime punishable by death under Tunde Idiagbon's regime.

Seun claims that Fela was performing in Cameroon at the time of the alleged robbery, which proved his innocence. In response to the false accusation, Fela and his son Femi retaliated by smearing Abiola's compound with 12 buckets of faeces, as revealed in Fela's song "Give me shit, I give you shit".

Seun's allegations suggest a conspiracy to kill Fela Kuti, a prominent critic of the military regime. This incident highlights the tumultuous relationship between Fela Kuti and MKO Abiola, a wealthy businessman and politician.

The revelation has sparked outrage and debate among Nigerians, with many calling for further investigation into the alleged framing of Fela Kuti. Seun's courage in sharing this story has shed light on the dark era of Nigeria's military regime and the struggles of his father, a legendary musician and activist.