How to control your feeling

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All about mindset and the power of mind control

How to control your feeling 


✓ Don’t ever let anyone to make you feel like you’re not worthy enough because of their inability to see your worth. Don’t give them the ability to make you feel the way you’re not supposed to feel, you’re supposed to be the master of your own mind and how you choose to feel in any area or your life you choose, feelings should should be something we take control of and we shouldn’t allow our feelings to take control of us even when someone tries to take control of how to make you feel so they could make you feel what you’re not supposed to feel don’t allow such things in your life you should be the only person responsible to choose how you want to feel in anything , if you can’t take control of your feelings you’re giving people the ability or power your life .


Stop for a moment and think what it’s you choose to allow in your own life? 


✓ Happiness or sadness either way they make you feel you can choose to take control of how you allow these feelings to affect you either you allow them to make you feel sad when you can choose to be happy at same situation because they think they can make you feel any sort of way sometimes they intend to make you feel sad and unhappy about some certain things which is not what you want for yourself or them so I’m telling you now take back what’s yours let them appreciate you if they don’t open the door of opportunity for them to leave since you owes no one your life .