Super Eagles star Bright- Osayi- Samuel and others still to face possible sanctions

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Amidst the turmoil, Osayi -Samuel and his team mate Jayden Oosterwolde find themsleves facing themselves facing the prospect of disciplinary action . The club has vowed to defend the players arguing that any punitive measures must take into account the provocationthey faced during the Trabszonspor incident . However the possibilty of sanctions , casting a pall of uncertainity over the futures of both players.

Osayi and Jayden are said to be referred to the PFDK while Bathsuayi , Irfan Can and Egribayat are also among the names to be referred to as well .

Serious measures will be taken on the Sarı Kanaryalar players on the grounds they reacted under the heaven provocation . However , there does not to be a chance that Osayi and Oosterwolde will escape unpunished.

we are in communication with our representatives and state officials regarding the event that occured during and after match played between Trabszonspor A.S and Fenerbahce A.S in the Trendyol Superleague .

what happen ed to football ,which is a game of friendship, peace , brotherhood, is never


'No one should have any doubt, that once the investigations are completed necessary criminal criminal sanctions will be imposed on those responsible for these incident to prevent them from recurring ' the federation added.

TFF legal consultancy postponed the referrals for detailed examination. In addition to the referre and observer reports, following the file prepared by the broadcaster and lawyers who analyse the social media , it was observe that Oosterwolde and Osayi could be punished between 5-10 matches , Batshuayi and Ircan Can could be punished between 3-5 matches and if this situation occurs Fenerbahce Management and players will defend.

However, a Turkish sport lawyer Faith Sasgolu pointed outr that article 4 of the Turkish FA rule shows that defence carried against people who entered the competition area and attempt to attack the football the football player which is incase of the Nigerian defender and other plyers who are involved .

Self defence provision are regulated in the Criminal procedure Law .it has been determined that no punishment will be given for actions taken in order to repel an unaffair attack on aright belonging to oneself or someone else which is certain to occur or repeated in a proportionate manner . According to the current condition . However for an action to be considered self defence , it depend these conditionbeen met fully and completely